GretchenGretchen's creativeness, up-beat energy and attention to detail produces a distinctive blend of photographic professionalism and artistry. Her unique and elegant style makes your photo session a fun and memorable experience.

Born and raised in Walnut Creek, California, Gretchen has grown to know and love what the California landscape has to offer. In addition to being a professional photographer, certified scuba-diver, former professional ice skater and an all-around outdoors-person. She is very familiar with some of the most beautiful natural settings that the Bay Area has to offer.

She has traveled extensively throughout her life which includes scuba diving in Mexico, Brazil, the Caribbean and Thailand. Gretchen is well poised for the adventurous and the exotic. She loves children and pets and everyone in-between, she has also devoted much of her spare time to helping the developmentally disabled and animal rescue. Gretchen is quite compassionate and sensitive making her well suited for accommodating your particular needs. Having started her professional photography business in 2001, Gretchen has grown to appreciate individuality within the scope of creating a Family Heirloom Portrait that will always be dearly remembered, treasured and proudly displayed. Reviews of Gretchen's photography can be seen on her Client Testimonial Page.

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